DURASEIN®, a worldwide brand of 100% acrylic solid surface, is a product Relang International LLC of Columbia, Maryland. Manufactured at our state-of-the art facility, Guanghzhou Relang Industrial Co., Ltd., DURASEIN® has devoted itself to the development, production and sales of solid surface products throughout the world.  Our newest production facility in China with multiple automatic casting lines and a group of the industry’s most experienced workers, has developed innovative technologies for the production of wide sheet materials, textured wall panels, thermoforming innovations, internationally-inspired shaped products and unmatched manufacturing expertise. As one of the largest companies producing pure acrylic solid surface products, Relang continuously strives for developing innovative and environmentally-friendly products for customers. With superior production capacity Durasein® is able to offer excellent quality products at competitive pricing in over 40 countries around the world.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading surfacing innovator, exceeding our customers' expectations in quality, delivery and service through continuous improvement and innovation.  With our partners throughout the world we believe that DURASEIN® can lead a new emergence of solid surfacing as the architects’ and designers’ product of choice for enlightened commercial and residential projects.

For more information on Durasein® download a Company Fact Sheet.