Healthcare Design

In healthcare environments, patient surroundings play a vital role in promoting recovery and healing. Versatile furniture for healthcare unlocks the possibilities to create spaces that are aesthetically beautiful, calming, and conducive to healing.

Durasein® is committed to contribute to the healing environment by supplying innovative, high quality materials that support imaginative and purposeful design.


Innovative materials and solutions for healthcare applications…

Durasein® solid surface is an ideal material in its performance to the demands for cleanliness, durability and flexibility in healthcare environments. Whether incorporated as handwashing sinks, countertops, wall surfacing or complete casework, Durasein delivers engineered solutions second to none.

Innovative technology, exclusively from Durasein, brings a light weight durable composite panel developed specially for healthcare. It combines the advantages of solid surface with a strong yet lightweight core that enables many furniture and casework to be made without the support of wood or metal substrates. It provides the benefit of efficient use of material and expands design possibilities where weight is a factor.


New construction technique

This nurses’ station is constructed without the support of wood or metal substrates thanks to a new panel structure from Durasein. The solid surface composite panel is approximately one-third the weight of a traditional solid surface sheet, yet has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

A specially designed hardware system makes short work of set-up. Lightweight components are easily assembled on-site.


Concept it. Design it. Realize it.

A distinct Durasein difference is the capability to collaborate with designers and fabricators in the manufacture of furniture and casework for inpatient care, ambulatory care, diagnostic and treatment areas, support services and administrative functions. 

Your designs and our responsive manufacturing combine to fit your project’s needs for aesthetics, functionality and flexible space configurations. We have dedicated production lines in a manufacturing process specifically for healthcare. Contact us to help realize your design vision.


Advantages of Durasein® solid surface

Performance characteristics of our material are ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces, including high touch surfaces and wet environments.