As one of the largest companies producing pure acrylic solid surface products, DURASEIN® continuously strives for developing the most innovative and environmentally-friendly products for customers.  The international design influence is unmistakable in the aesthetics of the DURASEIN® solid surface collection of colors and patterns.  Whether in combination with other materials, or as a stand-alone product, DURASEIN’s palette has proven to be invaluable to architects, designers and consumers throughout the world.

Recognized by top international designers, DURASEIN® pure acrylic solid surface is sought after for a wide variety of commercial spaces. With our wide palette of colors, unique ability for color matching and superior offerings of sizes and shapes, DURASEIN® solid surface can be incorporated into virtually any space as functional or artistic elements. As a global leader in solid surface with emphasis on product innovation, technology development and a high regard for sustainability, it is no wonder that architects, designers, developers and building professionals choose DURASEIN® for their projects.

DURASEIN® is constantly mindful of technology innovation while striving to develop & refine the fabrication experience.  By refining and improving fabrication processes & techniques, along with developing unique product aesthetics and characteristics, DURASEIN® helps our fabrication partners to bring advanced products to the market with value and world-class, state-of-the art performance.