Durasein® Adds 32 New Colors and Four Color Lines to Original Solid Surface Collection

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ROSEDALE, MD March 5, 2018 — Durasein, the world’s leading innovator in solid surface manufacturing, announced today that it has added 32 new colors and four new color lines—expanding their total offerings to 68 design aesthetics in solid surface. The four new color lines—ColorZ, Lineer, Tivoli, and Vino—were inspired by nature and the Feng Shui principle of balance. Durasein materials and colors can be customized into anything, from three-dimensional patterns, curved surfaces, and organic shapes to a full scope of architectural and decor elements that merge purposeful with imaginative.

Durasein pure acrylic solid surface is ideal for a wide variety of commercial spaces—including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, dormitories, senior care facilities, and retail environments. Nontoxic and environmentally friendly, Durasein surfaces are resistant to bacteria, stains, fire, water, chemicals, heat, and UV light and are produced in the widest assortment of sheet widths in the industry.

“We are thrilled to add the new colors to the original collection that we have found to be already essential to architects and designers.” said Elenor Luo, CEO of Relang International, LLC, marketer of Durasein in the U.S. “As a company dedicated to constantly innovating and modernizing our product, our new color lines can both push boundaries while also staying true to classic and dependable staples. The new color lines, which more than double our product offerings, empower architects and designers with the tools to elevate their designs to the next level.”

ColorZ offers a full spectrum of 10 saturated solid colors emanating a vibrancy previously unachievable. Colors range from brilliant high chroma to subtle drama, allowing designers to mix unexpected combinations to create dynamic interior spaces.

Inspired by bamboo forests, Lineer expresses itself in five colors of striated wood grain patterns. Its architectural structure allows it to be used as a pattern or as an impressionistic wood. Soft and linear, modern yet timeless, Lineer is remarkably applicable across many interior disciplines.

Tivoli’s beauty is both man-made and earth-made, expressing natural stone in its purest form in three color varieties. Tivoli’s highly textured quality, subtle linear structure, and distinctively concentrated particulates draw the eye deeply into it, lending it rarefied beauty.

Vino, offered in nine hushed neutral colors, flows in a way that compellingly suggests nature’s ebbs and flows. This free, fluid palette can be applied harmoniously to many other materials.

In addition to the new palettes, Durasein has added new colors to the original QuarZ and Classic Collection. QuarZ, a popular quartz-like solid surface line with distinct depth, adds four neutral colors. The Classic Collection adds Concrete, a functional, modern choice with a balance of warm-cool undertones.

Through pure innovation, Durasein solid surface can be produced as sheet materials, textured wall panels, and custom shapes. Its applications include countertops, wall cladding, shower solutions, partitions, and other creative architectural elements. New possibilities are officially open for designers and fabricators.

For more information on the new Durasein Color Lines, please visit http://duraseinincolor.com/.  

About Durasein®
Durasein is the world’s leading innovator in solid surface manufacturing. Durasein solid surfaces are made from 100 percent pure acrylic and combine high performance with elegant aesthetics and extraordinary versatility. With the ability to be manufactured as sheet materials in a variety of widths, textured wall panels, and shapes, Durasein products have a multitude of applications for both commercial and residential architectural projects. Durasein products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Durasein is manufactured by Guangzhou Relang Industrial Co., Ltd., a privately-owned company headquartered in Zhuhai, China with a 15-year history as an OEM/private-label supplier. Its U.S. headquarters, Relang International, LLC, are based in Rosedale, MD. Learn more at duraseinusa.com.


Introducing Durasein Commercial Shower Solutions™

Columbia, MD. (February 17, 2017) - Durasein® Solid Surfaces is proud to announce an exciting new offering designed to simplify specification, installation, and maintenance of shower units in a wide range of applications, including patient rooms, senior living facilities, dormitories, hotel guest room, and multi-family housing. 

Durasein®, a leading innovator in solid surface materials, has joined forces with Solid Products, LLC, a premier manufacturer of commercial shower components, to create a versatile shower system solution that to meets the requirements of virtually any project. The system includes an extensive range of shower pans, wall panels, trim, and accessories, everything an architect or interior designer needs to bring their design concept to reality. The installed units are aesthetically pleasing and deliver superior long-term performance in the most demanding commercial applications.

Durasein Commercial Shower Solutions™ are ideal for both renovation and new construction. The program supports every aspect of the design, including projects related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The products carry a Health Product Declaration, and may also contribute toward LEED points for commercial projects.

"We are excited about our partnership with Solid Products, and this new offering because we know it will provide architects and designers a complete, cost effective option when specifying shower systems for their clients" said Michael Gilmore, General Manager and COO of Durasein®.

To take advantage of the combined expertise of the Durasein® and Solid Products teams, or to learn more about Durasein® Commercial Shower Solutions™;

Contact Durasein® directly at 866.509.6494, or by e-mail at info@duraseinusa.com.

Durasein® Product Data Now Available in ARCOM’s MasterSpec® and Building System Design’s SpecLink-E®

Durasein® Product Data Now Available in ARCOM’s MasterSpec® and Building System Design’s SpecLink-E®

Columbia, MD (November 14, 2016) - Relang International, the manufacturer of Durasein® solid surfaces, has teamed up with ARCOM and its flagship software system, MasterSpec®, along with Building Systems Design’s (BSD) SpecLink-E®, to offer design professionals access to detailed information for Durasein® products and help expedite the entire specifications writing process. By offering valuable programs and initiatives, Relang International hopes the A&D community will discover the virtues and versatility of working with Durasein® solid surfaces.

MasterSpec® and SpecLink-E® are state-of-the-art technologies designed with the professional in mind. Equipped with several tools, features and template formats, specification writers are able to perform in-depth analysis of product characteristics for all types and phases of a project.
As the world’s leading innovator in solid-surface manufacturing, Durasein® is made from 100-percent acrylic resin and combines high performance and durability with elegant aesthetics and extraordinary versatility. Durasein® is manufactured as sheet materials in a variety of widths (including 60-inch-wide sheets), colors, textured wall panels and shapes such as sinks, vanities, tubs and shower pans. Durasein® also has a multitude of applications for both commercial and residential projects.

With Durasein® product specifications now integrated within the MasterSpec® and SpecLink-E® databases, architects and designers can quickly and easily incorporate them into their designs using formats preferred by the nation’s top architectural and engineering firms.

A product of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), MasterSpec® is the ultimate resource for producing specifications your way while reducing writing time, all without sacrificing quality.

Notable MasterSpec® features include:

  • Comprehensive technical specifications
  • Over 900 sections organized into 17 practice-specific libraries
  • Formats and packages to best fit your practice
  • MasterWorks and SpecBuilder Desktop editing and production software
  • Extensive background research (including cloud-based) with in-depth analysis of product characteristics, application considerations and sustainability discussions for every specification section

BSD’s SpecLink-E® is an intelligent way to manage your specs. It’s designed to produce documentation for all types and phases of a project, from programming through construction administration. With a database that includes 783 sections, SpecLink-E® can be expanded or collapsed to provide an outline, short form and full construction specs without the need to start over at each phase of the project.

Some of its most notable features include:

  • Faster editing & reduced spec production time based on section selection rather than deletion
  • Automatic and continuous spec updating throughout the year
  • Improved project coordination and reduced errors
  • Access to built-in automation for simplifying sustainable design certification, including LEED v4
  • Global formatting and reporting tools
  • Connection to BIM through BSD LinkMan-E

To learn more about Durasein® solid surfaces, please visit www.duraseinusa.com. To find out more about MasterSpec® and SpecLink-E®, please visit www.arcomnet.com/masterspec and www.bsdsoftlink.com.

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