Durasein® Solid Surface has joined forces with Solid Products, LLC to create a versatile shower system that designers can incorporate into any design. With a standard line of shower pans, panels, trim and caddy accessories, designers can create projects to enhance their individuality.

The Shower Solutions™ program is ideal for commercial projects, renovations and new construction. This program supports every aspect of the design, including projects related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Through this program, designers can also acquire LEED points for commercial projects.

The Shower Solutions™ program offers these features:

  • Four color options for wall panels and trim: Natural White, Bone, Parthenon and Chez Linen made from Durasein® acrylic solid surface.
  • Six shower pan designs (three ADA compliant) with color options of Natural White and Bone.
  • Three wall panel sizes up to 60 inches wide that support almost all design needs and do not require vertical “hard-seam” sheets in the field.
  • Four trim design options: “L-shape,” Dado, Bevel and Corner Cove made from Durasein® acrylic solid surface.
  • Four Soap/Shampoo Caddy designs made from Durasein® acrylic solid surface.


Durasein® Solid Surfaces, a leading innovator in the production of solid surface materials, has joined forces with Solid Products, LLC, a premier manufacturer of commercial shower components, to create a versatile shower system solution, designed to meet the requirements of virtually any project!

Our system includes an extensive range of shower pans, panels, trim, and caddy accessories, everything needed to bring your design concept to reality. Our commercial shower systems are aesthetically pleasing and deliver superior long-term performance in demanding applications such as patient rooms, dormitories, hotel guest rooms and multi-family housing units.

The system is well suited to both renovation and new construction, including projects requiring installation in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Durasein® Solid Surfaces carry a Health Product Declaration (HPD) and may contribute toward LEED points for commercial projects.

Take advantage of the combined expertise of the Durasein® and Solid Products, LLC teams. We can provide technical support at each stage of your project, from specification through installation.



The Durasein® Commercial Shower Solution, featuring Solid Products, LLC Shower Pans, includes everything needed for your shower project:

  • Seven (7) standard shower pan designs, including ADA compliant designs engineered for both renovation and new construction projects. Shower pan dimensions and drain configurations can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your project.
  • Two standard shower pan colors; Natural White and Bone. Custom shower pan colors, in both solid and particulate designs, are available to match your design vision.
  • ¼” Acrylic solid surface wall panels, available in four standard colors; Natural White, Bone, Parthenon, and Chez Linen, and three standard sizes; 36” x 96”, 48” x 96” and 60” x 96”.
  • Wall panel dimensions can be customized to your project requirements; widths from 30” to 60”, lengths from 72” to 120”.
  • An additional 25+ wall panel colors from the Durasein® standard color palette, can be made to order.
  • Four (4) standard trim designs; “L”, Dado, Bevel, and Corner Cove, color-matched to the wall panel.
  • Four (4) standard soap dish and shampoo caddy designs, color-matched to the wall panels.
  • Trim and accessories can be customized to your project specific requirements.
  • Our “Universal Hub System” which allows an exact alignment of the drain to the shower pan for retrofit projects. This is a unique offering only from Durasein®.





  • Selection of standard shower pan configurations
  • Selection of standard wall panel colors and dimensions
  • Extensive range of custom design options
  • Suitable for renovation or new construction


  • Full-width panels
  • No wall seams
  • Built-in water dam
  • Nonskid finish
  • Trim with clean, finished look


  • Resistant to stains, and the growth of mold or bacteria
  • Clean with common household cleaners
  • Renewable and repairable surface


Solid Products, LLC Shower Pans provide the mechanical strength and durability required to perform in demanding commercial applications such as patient rooms, dormitories, hotel bathrooms, and locker rooms. Our shower pans feature a non-slip floor design, and deliver the care and maintenance benefits of premium solid surface material; a seamless surface resistant to staining and to the development of harmful mold or bacteria.

We have selected a standard set of shower pan configurations that offer design flexibility, while meeting the functional performance requirements of a commercial shower application, including ADA compliant designs.

Shower pans can be customized to your specific project requirements. We can help you to achieve your design vision with confidence in durability and performance in use of the installed system.


  • Highly durable cast modifies acrylic-polyester blend construction.
  • Five stock designs available in two standard colors;
  • Natural White or Bone:
    • 36” x 36” Standard Center Drain.
    • 36” x 48” Standard Center Drain.
    • 32” x 60” Tub Replacement with Left Drain.
    • 32” x 60” Tub Replacement with Right Drain.
    • 37” x 36” ADA Transfer Pan with Center Drain.

Two additional ADA-compliant pan designs are made-to-order:

  • 63” x 33” ADA Roll-in with Trench Drain for new construction.
  • 62  ½" x 36" ADA Roll-In Center Drain with Tapered front for renovation.
  • Shower Pans requiring project specific custom dimensions, drain locations, or other special features are made-to-order.
  • Additional Shower Pan colors to match Durasein® shower panel colors are made-to-order.


Durasein® acrylic solid surface wall panels are engineered to provide superior impact resistance and durability in the most demanding commercial applications. By selecting seamless, full-width Durasein® ¼” wall panels, you will have an easy-to-clean surface, with long-lasting resistance to staining and to the development of harmful mold or bacteria. By installing as a system with Solid Products, LLC Shower Pans, you are ensured an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-maintain shower solution for healthcare, senior living, educational, hospitality, and multi-family housing applications.

Wall panels are available in a range of attractive colors and patterns to give you a multitude of design options. Four standard colors are available from stock. An additional 25+ colors from the Durasein® color palette can be made-to-order.

Wall panels are stocked in three standard widths; 36”, 48”, and 60”. We recognize that project requirements often dictate non-standard material sizes. We offer custom widths and lengths, made-to-order, giving you the ability to optimize the design and minimize waste on your project.


  • Durasein® 100% acrylic solid surface shower panels, available in four (4) Durasein® stock colors; Natural White, Bone, Parthenon and Chez Linen.
  • 25+ additional standard Durasein® colors are made-to-order.
  • Three stock shower panel sizes:
    • ¼” x 36” x 96”
    • ¼” x 48” x 96
    • ¼” x 60” x 96”
  • Shower panels are also available in custom widths from 30” to 60”, and custom lengths from 72” to 120”.
  • Durasein® shower panels are cast to full width, with no fabricated seams.
  • Visit our Color Palette to view the full range of Durasein® standard colors.












DM3001 Sandalwood
DM3002 Desert Sand
DM3003 Cumberland
DM3004 Cocoa Beach
DM3005 Platinum Grey
DM3006 Smokey Mountain
DM3008 Bella Vista
DM3009 Odyssey

DM1001 Arctic White
DM2001 Oahu
DM2003 River Bed
DM2004 Monte Cervino
DM2006 Port Royale
DM2007 Palm Beach
DM2008 Big River Valley
DM2009 Coal

DM3010 Athens
DM3011 Glacier Tundra
DM3012 Silver Falls
DM3013 Barcelona
DM3014 Rocky Mountain
DM3015 Iceberg
DM3016 Bellingham Grey
DM3017 Crema Risotto



We offer a complete solution to enhance the design and add an extra barrier against moisture infiltration. The Durasein® shower system includes trim for finishing corners, transitions and accessories to complete the installation. Trim and accessories are color-matched to our shower panel colors. We stock the most commonly selected sizes and designs.

As with our other shower system components, we can work with you to provide customized trim and accessories when required to complete your design


  • Four stock trim configurations:
    • 2” x 2” x 96” “L” Trim.
    • 2” x ” x 96” Dado Trim.
    • 1” x 1” x 96” Corner Cove Trim.
    • 1 ” x ½" x 96" Bevel Trim.
  • Four stock accessory designs: 
  • 7½ ” x 11” recessed box caddy.
  • 8” x 18” recessed box caddy with shelf.
  • 4 " x 14½" Corner Caddy with shelf and soap dish.
  • Corner soap dish.
  • Trim and accessories are available in four standard colors matched to Durasein® shower panels; Natural White, Bone, Parthenon and Chez Linen.
  • Custom trim and accessories to fit project specific requirements are made-to-order.


To access any of our Commercial Shower System drawings in a DXF or PDF format, click here for our Technical Documents page.

For more information, or to discuss your project, contact us at info@duraseinusa.com or toll-free at (866) 509-6494.